Immunotherapy success story of Mr & Mrs. Priyanka Mhatre

We are happy to share Immunotherapy success story of Mr & Mrs. Priyanka Mhatre. The couple had visited our Immunotherapy centre ICPRM with history of 2 unexplained pregnancy losses in the 8th month of pregnancy. All routine investigations were normal. Immunological investigations showed that Sr. TNF Alpha and CD3 count were raised. Lymphocyte crossmatch was negative. The couple was given Lymphocyte Immunization Therapy LIT before subsequent pregnancy and other immunomodulatory treatments during the pregnancy. Pregnancy was uneventful and she delivered a full term baby. Allo-immune problem, apart from causing first trimester miscarriages, can lead to late pregnancy sudden losses and also can lead to Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH) with reduced amniotic fluid. Immunomodulation can play an important role in these patients.

Sholy and Benny

Hope u r fine. First let me share our happiness with u just because of gods grace and with ur excellent medical treatment our little boy was born yesterday morning at 37 weeks. Sorry for this late mail I was suppose to do the video last week. But we were going through a tough time I was admitted in hospital they told me baby is iugr and need to keep close eye on baby not gaining any weight for 3 weeks. so they induced me yesterday and baby is fine he is only 2 kilos but everything else is fine. No words to say my thanks to u . I do want to take part in your LIT treatment . will do the video to help someone else who is going through tough time like me for years. I will send u photographs of baby no name yet. Thank u so much. Regards to everyone .

We are happy to share our success story

We are happy to share that Yesterday one of our patients, with 4 IVF failures and a history of "unexplained" thin Endometrium (inner lining of the uterus), delivered a healthy baby in Pune. Her previous IVF cycles had failed due to "Unexplained" thin Endometrium. Thin endometrium poses a big challenge for implantation in IVF. The couple did Immunotherapy treatment ( LIT) at our center ICPRM. The patient's endometrium improved after LIT. She conceived in the first attempt after LIT and continued Immunomodulation treatment during pregnancy in  Pune. God bless the couple and the baby!

What a nice way to begin the new year 2019

What a nice way to begin the new year 2019, with the news of one more success story of our Immunotherapy Centre ICPRM! Mr. Sanjay (44yrs) & Mrs. Shaila Khashimpur(34yrs) from Bidar(Karnataka), married for 9 years, with the history of 5 miscarriages (spontaneous pregnancies) and 5 IVF failures were referred for Immunotherapy LIT treatment (by Dr. Ranjit Joshi from Nashik). The IVF failures were associated with poor egg quality.  The couple was given Immunotherapy LIT treatment at ICPRM. Subsequently, they underwent IVF at Nashik with Dr. Ranjit Joshi. The IVF was done with the patient's own eggs, as the quality of the eggs had improved after LIT. The patient conceived, pregnancy continued successfully and the patient delivered at Nashik. Immunotherapy LIT helped them to overcome the problem of Repeated Miscarriages & Recurrent IVF Failures. Congratulations Mr. Sanjay & Mrs. Shaila!!!

Our Team


The lyers went form clinic to clinic . They tried everything,including IVF. Nothing worked.But they were not the ones to give up hope! Finally,after 5 years of waiting,Nisha was born to them at our clinic.

An open letter from Dr Mugdha

Nisha is 21 now! she is hale and hearty; beautiful to look at and very very spirited. To me, she could have been no one other than that - knowing first hand how she was brought into the world.

It is beautiful story I love to tell,especially to those couples who have resigned to a life without a child.

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There are half a million cases where IVF has failed too;but that no way means the end of the road to parenthood. Dr Mohan Raut writes about his experience with Lymhocyte Immunisation Therapy.

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