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Terms of Service

We at icprm.in , make every sincere effort to ensure that the information provided through this website is truthful and reliable . We do not provide any guarantee, either silent or clearly expressed in connection with any issues related to this website, including, but not limited to, procedures, products and more. The above also applies to any statements on medical matters made orally or reflected in printed articles.

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We do not provide individual diagnostics or prescribe special therapies through this site. All actions or lack thereof based solely on the information obtained from this website are entirely at the user’s own risk.

icprm.in assumes responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by the experts.

The management reserves the right to reverse the Advance payment, once the booking is cancelled by the customer.

We provide adequate security for customers and the premises of icprm.in. But the customers are requested to abstain from bringing any valuable items while coming for treatment. The management will not be responsible for any loss of valuable property or items.

Neither employees nor expert staff /doctors and therapists/ who are authors of information on the website can be held liable for damages or losses of property and/or non-material nature incurred by a user who relied on the information provided on this website.


icprm.in website provides external links, this happens so that users can access information on related topics. icprm.in not the owner and does not exercise control over related websites. icprm.in is not responsible for the content included in such websites

Authored By Dr.Mugdha Raut, MD & Dr.Mohan Raut, MD

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The lyers went form clinic to clinic . They tried everything,including IVF. Nothing worked.But they were not the ones to give up hope! Finally,after 5 years of waiting,Nisha was born to them at our clinic.

An open letter from Dr Mugdha

Nisha is 21 now! she is hale and hearty; beautiful to look at and very very spirited. To me, she could have been no one other than that - knowing first hand how she was brought into the world.

It is beautiful story I love to tell,especially to those couples who have resigned to a life without a child.

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There are half a million cases where IVF has failed too;but that no way means the end of the road to parenthood. Dr Mohan Raut writes about his experience with Lymhocyte Immunisation Therapy.

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