Repeated miscarriages? Don't despair! There is a Ray of Hope - Path Breaking Medical Technology in India for the first time!

The much-awaited programme ‘A Ray of Hope’: Immunotherapy in Recurrent Miscarriages, Implantation failures in IVF and Unexpected Infertility, organized by Immunotherapy Foundation and Dr. Raut’s ICPRM was launched by Dr. O.B. Christiansen, General Secretary of “European Society of reproductive Immunology” on Sunday evening at Taj Lands end. Dr. Suchitra Pandit, President MOGS presided over the well-organised function. Dr. Usha Krishna-Patron, Immunotherapy Foundation, eminent obstetricians and gynecologists Dr. Mohan Raut, MD, DGO and Dr. Mugdha Raut who are credited with introducing the path-breaking technology of immunotherapy in India, and who heads Immunotherapy Centre for Prevention of Repeated Miscarriages (ICPRM) felicitated the guests on the occasion by presenting them with mementos and bouquets. Dr. O.B. Christiansen, his wife Ulla Christensen, Dr. Usha Krishna, Dr. Suchitra Pandit, Dr. Mohan Raut and Dr. Mugdha Raut lighted the traditional lamp to make the inauguration of the programme.

Delivering his keynote address on the occasion, Dr. Christiansen while elucidating the various aspects of Immunotherapy described the technology as a medical breakthrough that could help childless couples who have multiple miscarriages achieve their dream of having a healthy baby.

Dr. Christiansen who conducted placebo controlled immunological trials in Denmark in 1995 and 2002 said that though the results varied, there was significant success. He said that though there were unexplained reasons for miscarriages, in some cases, a woman’s fertility problems can be caused by the failure of an embryo to implant into the womb or by early miscarriages of an implanted embryo.

To highlight the benefits of immunology with living proof, Dr. Mohan Raut invited his patients who benefitted immensely from his Immunotherapy. One of them, Mrs Parisha Dhuri who had suffered multiple miscarriages before she approachedDr. Raut stated that she could not describe her happiness in words when Dr. Raut treated her for recurrent miscarriage and was soon blessed with a healthy baby. “I had lost hope of ever having a baby in my life as I suffered several miscarriages. No line of treatment seemed to suit me. But when I approached veteran obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Raut, all that changed. His Immunotherapy has introduced happiness in my life. I am a proud mother of this healthy baby”, she said pointing to the baby which she held in her arms. Similar sentiments were echoed by another patient Mrs Mundle, but the most sensitive case was that of Mrs Mariam Faiyaz Mukri from Uran. In his message to Dr. Raut, Mr Mukri who could not attend the programme due to some prior engagements, said he took his wife to several doctors but to no avail.  “My wife had 14-15 miscarriages before, with no living child. I went from one hospital to another and was despairing as I saw my wife undergo 14 to 15 miscarriages. I had lost all hopes of having a baby when, a gynecologist suggested me the name of Dr. Raut and that worked”. I am a proud father of a healthy daughter today. I am eternally thankful to Dr. Raut”, Mr Faiyaz said.

Speaking after the patients presented their experiences at the programme, Dr. Raut said he felt a great sense of satisfaction on helping the traumatized patients who had lost all hopes of having a healthy baby again. He said his immunotherapy had proved to be a huge success. Referring to Mrs Mariam’s case, Dr. Raut said that after all investigations; the reports were found to be normal. The couple was then explained about Active Immunotherapy. Once the treatment was over, she delivered a female child. The child is now 3 years and healthy. 

Dr. Usha Krishna who led the panel discussion on Immunotherapy said that the incidents of miscarriages in India were huge and the women who suffered multiple miscarriages faced trauma and stigma. She felt the Immunotherapy could bring a ray of hope into the life of such hapless people. Dr. Vijaya Hinduja, Dr. Patki, Dr. Priya Dhurandhar and others put across several questions to Dr. Christiansen regarding Immunotherapy which he answered elaborately. Dr. Mugdha Raut who is a practicing gynecologist for the last 21 years and the inspiration behind Dr. Raut’s project also spoke at length about her trials with Immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy Centre for Prevention of Repeated Miscarriages (ICPRM) established by Dr. Mohan Raut, MD, DGO and Dr. Mugdha Raut, MD, DGO is the first centre established in India to provide specialized treatment to patients suffering from repeated miscarriages, implantation failures and unexplained infertility. It provides a complete diagnostic setup and comprehensive treatment. Popularly known as ‘Dr. Raut’s ICPRM’, it is situated at Karlton apartment, Vakola village road, near Vakola masjid, Vakola, Santacruz (E). This immunotherapy centre has got clearance from Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) and Director General Health Services (DGHS) for the active immunotherapy treatment.

Dr. Mohan Raut, MD, DGO, is a veteran private practitioner in obstetrics and gynecology for the past 24 years with special interest in infertility and repeated miscarriages. He was a part of international multi-centric research programme in association with Oxford University on the role of active immunotherapy in recurrent miscarriages. Dr. Mughda Raut, MD, DGO is a highly experienced obstetrician and gynecologist with 21 years of experience. A gold-medalist in her graduation programme, she was associated with Dr. Usha Krishna at the KEM hospital for her work in the field of repeated miscarriages and bad obstetric history.

Akhilesh Shah of Yash Pharma was felicitated on the occasion. He assured that Yash Phama would lend all kind of support to make Dr. Raut’s Immunotherapy a great success all over.

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