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We know that the Immune System is a Protector of our body against any foreign invader, yet this powerful Immune System is bypassed when a pregnancy (Foreign tissue or allograft) grows in the mother’s body. Immune system has a different arm called Immune tolerance which protects our body from attack by our own Immune system & allografts like a baby (which is 50 % mothers & 50 % fathers). Reproductive Immunology is a science which identifies Immune tolerance dysfunction to accept a pregnancy & finds treatment to help successful pregnancy, when pregnancy is rejected due to Immune Factors.
Two or more pregnancy losses before 24 weeks of Pregnancy is considered as early pregnancy loss & after 24 weeks considered as late pregnancy loss.
Is defined as 3 attempts or more embryo transfers in a woman less than a 40 yrs, which did not result in Implantation/ Pregnancy.
Blood is collected from both (Husband & wife). White blood cells (WBC’s) are removed from husband or allogenic Lymphocytes & the freshly made mixture gets injected (Intradermal) on female’s hands. Total 6 Injections.
LIT works by helping the mothers body to create asymmetric antibodies to allogenic Lymphocytes which subsequently are produced when the embryo (Allograft) enters the Uterus.
That means a Protective layer of Antibodies formed around the uterus preventing & attack by the maternal Immune system.
Patients with Repeated Pregnancy loss, recurrent Implantation Failure & Unexplained Infertility. Where all other causes for the same have been ruled out.
No soap, cream to be applied for 24 hrs. on hands.
only plain water.
High Success Ratio upto 80%
No Side Effects
Easy Treatment
Safe Procedure
Single Seating
Researched & Patented Technology